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Gentle Indian-style sponge cake without eggs

Ingredients for making soft Indian-style biscuit without eggs

  1. Milk 200 ml
  2. Yogurt (no additives) 200 ml
  3. Wheat flour 1.5 cups
  4. Sugar 0.5 cups
  5. Vanilla Sugar 1 sachet
  6. Vegetable oil 100 ml
  7. Baking powder (baking powder) 3 tsp. spoons
  8. Butter for form lubrication
  • Main Ingredients: Yogurt, Flour, Sugar
  • Portion 6-8
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Stove, Oven, Baking tray, Baking dish, Mixer or blender, Spoon, Sieve, Glass, Fork or whisk

Cooking a gentle Indian-style biscuit without eggs:

Step 1: Prepare the Indian-style biscuit dough.

We take out the necessary ingredients from the cabinet and the refrigerator and set them in front of us. To prepare the dough, we need one sufficiently deep bowl in which we pour all the flour and baking powder and mix them. If you have 3 minutes free, then sift the flour with a sieve - this way it will be saturated with air and give the biscuit even more tenderness and lightness. We also need a blender with a bowl or a mixer with a bowl in which we combine the following ingredients - sugar, vanilla sugar, yogurt and vegetable oil. It is necessary to beat them for 3-5 minutes to a homogeneous mass so that the sugar dissolves and then does not crack on the teeth. Now we combine the already mixed ingredients - a whipped mass with flour and baking powder. Add milk to the bowl and beat thoroughly with a fork or whisk, breaking the lumps and obtaining a homogeneous dough.

Step 2: Bake an Indian-style biscuit.

To cook a biscuit "in Indian", like any other, we will be in a pre-prepared baking dish. We don’t want it to burn, right? Therefore, grease the form with butter, not sparing, and lightly sprinkle it with flour. At the same time, turn on the stove so that it heats up to 190 degrees. Pour the dough into a greased form, admire the result, and send the form to the oven. Bake a biscuit at 190 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. Check the readiness of the biscuit with a toothpick or a wooden straw - pierce the middle of the biscuit with it, and if particles of the biscuit do not stick to the toothpick, it means that it is ready!

Step 3: Serve the prepared, delicate Indian-style biscuit without eggs.

We take out the finished biscuit from the mold and cool it a little. Although it can be eaten hot, anyone likes it as much as possible. Serve a biscuit as a dessert or afternoon snack, along with tea, milk or another drink that you like. As you can see, you can cook stunningly delicious and tender biscuit, absolutely without adding eggs! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Do not replace baking powder with soda! Soda is best used for baking with sour milk, yogurt and kefir. If baking in milk or water, then use baking powder.

- - Ready-made biscuit can be decorated with condensed milk, chocolate fudge or jam. Fresh fruits and berries go well with it.

- - Bake powder only with dry flour. You can not dissolve it in water or milk, otherwise a reaction will occur, and carbon dioxide will be released before the solution gets into the dough.

- - Instead of vanilla sugar, you can use vanillin or essence, instead of yogurt - low-fat sour cream, and instead of sunflower oil - olive.