Would-Be Burglar Found Asleep After Breaking Into a House and Making Tater Tots

Would-Be Burglar Found Asleep After Breaking Into a House and Making Tater Tots

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A burglar broke into a California home and was later found asleep on the couch after making tater tots

He ‘tot’ it was a good idea at the time, but maybe his brains (and potatoes) were fried.

He cooked the spuds, but his burglary was a dud. One hungry burglar in Sonoma County, California, broke into a home, but must have gotten distracted by hunger pangs before he could do much damage: he decided to make a batch of tater tots from a box in the freezer. James Adams, the couch potato tuber thief, was arrested later by on suspicion of burglary and resisting arrest, according to SFGate.

According to police, the homeowner called 911 from her bedroom and was instructed to make a run for her own safety. Hearing her steps, Adams awoke from slumber and tried to escape. He ran through the backyard, but police pursued him, shooting him twice with a Taser before placing him in handcuffs.

Adams has a long criminal history and is being held on a $30,000 bail.

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